Barcelona’s Passejada amb Barret (Stroll with a Hat) is a day for everyone, a fun and relaxed gathering in which thousands of people come together to wear their hats. From wildly inventive to elegantly discreet, young and old, all unite to show their love of hats.

The setting of this very special day is the city’s most beautiful boulevard, Rambla de Catalunya, where between Diagonal and Gran Via, Barcelona will reclaim its splendour of yore and become, for at least a few hours, the world capital of hats.

The Stroll with a Hat was initially inspired by New York’s Easter Parade, but over the years it has come into its own, becoming the inspiration to similar events around the globe.

The first edition of the Stroll with a Hat took place in 2005 at the initiative of Barcelona milliners Nina Pawlowsky and Cristina de Prada whom, missing an event of this nature in our city, decided to organize it ourselves. Thirteen years later we are still dedicating our time and energy to this very special event that has captured the imagination of fans, both locals and visitors who come to Barcelona just to take part in it. The last edition attracted close to two thousand strollers, and this year many more are expected.

The initial meeting point and distribution of the commemorative badges will still be at the junction of Rambla de Catalunya and Diagonal, but for the duration of the event, hat wearers will stroll freely on Rambla de Catalunya, which will allow them to delight in the sights, take pictures without haste, sit down on a bench or take a table at one of the many terraces to enjoy a coffee or an aperitif, creating a leisure and pleasure filled afternoon. With their hats on!

The Stroll puts hats on display in fun and creative ways, it’s also an opportunity for the shops of Barcelona to dress their windows with hats, and organize events related to this marvellous accessory while capturing the attention of shoppers – a Mad hatter’s tea party is always a good idea!

We encourage any of the business owners on Rambla de Catalunya to get in touch if they would like to be involved in one of the loveliest days of the year in Barcelona.

Come to stroll with us at noon, April 30th, of course wearing your hat!

Nina Pawlowsky and Cristina de Prada, milliners.